Top Places to Visit in Murree in 2023 that you must visit

Murree is also called the Malika-e-Kohsar, which means queen of the mountains. Murree is a city, located in the Galyat region of the Pir Panjal range, where the flow of tourists continues year after year and it is considered one of the best tourist destinations.

Tourists rate is high in both summer and winter seasons as it is a cool and beautiful area. Murree’s beautiful mountains, lush green forest, cold weather, and roadside clouds offer an attractive and beautiful view.

So, today we will tell you about the top places to visit in Murree that you must visit during the Murree tour.

1. Mall Road

top places to visit in Murree

Mall Road is a very busy place in Murree and it is very crowded with tourists. This is an interesting way to enjoy the Murree catwalk with many shops, stalls, restaurants, and hotels nearby.

The restaurants also offer accommodation for tourists. On this road, tourists will find everything according to their needs, whether it is about shopping, eating, or enjoyment.

You can also buy unique and famous things from Murree. Mall Road is one of the top places to visit in Murree and this long road is very popular among tourists.

  • Attraction: All kinds of shops and goods in Mall Road and the bustle of this road is the reason for its attraction.
  • Things to do: Shopping, you can enjoy diffrent types of food here, and you can also stay in restaurants for a day or night.
  • Location: Mall Road is located is in Murree, Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan.

2. Nathia Gali

top places to visit in Murree

Nathia Gali is about 36km from Murree. This road from Murree to Nathia Gali is touristy and after a while, you will see hotels, restaurants, and different types of stalls.

Nathia Gali is a hill station restaurant known for its pleasant weather, Hicking track, and its beauty. This place promotes tourism very well. There are hotels, restaurants, Guesthouses, and a variety of shops around it which makes it one of the top places to visit in Murree.

Niranjan top and Mashkpuri are very famous around Nathia Gali which are beautiful places to visit in Murree. The beauty of this place is enhanced in winter and the snow-covered trees and roads offer a beautiful view.

  • Attraction: This high-rise restaurant offer beautiful view and its attraction increases in winter.
  • Things to do: Resorts, Hotels, different types of shops and many things to do here.

3. Dunga Gali

top places to visit in Murree

Dunga Gali is considered to be one of the top places to visit in Murree. If you are traveling from Abbottabad to Dunga Gali, you will be enjoying the breathtaking views of Murree road. There are very dense and beautiful trees around this road that will make your trip amazing.

This 4km track was built in the British Era to supply water to British troops, that’s why it is also known as pipeline track. You can also enjoy this track with family and friends.

This track is absolutely safe and at every step, you will get track information that will make your journey very easy and memorable. In this track, you will also find some reptiles and animals’ information written on the board, and emergency numbers are also given here.

After tracking 3km you will see a shop where snacks and water can be easily found but it’s better to bring all the things you need before starting your track. In winter the place turns green to white and that’s why it is examined to be the famous place in Murree.

  • Attractions: Beautiful and lush greenery you will see while tracking and surely you will enjoy this breathtaking view.
  • Things to do: You can see here animals and reptiles. You can do rest after some track.
  • Track entry ticket: Entry ticket for adults Rs.20 , for children Rs.20, and for foreigners Rs.500.
  • Timing: Monday to Sunday: 08:00 am to 04:00 pm.

4. Ayubia National Park

top places to visit in Murree

Ayubia National park is also a famous place in Murree. The tourist attractions here are the chairlift, Ayubia Dunga Gali, and the hiking track. The chairlift takes you 1.5 km to the top, which is the highest point here and offers a beautiful view.

This is one of the top places to visit in Murree where you can go with your family and friends and enjoy the best views. There are many hotels, shops, and restaurants. You can stay here if you want. There is also an amusement park for children.

In winter, this place offers a very beautiful view, the white sheet of snow on all sides makes it very attractive that’s why it is regarded is as a famous place of Murree. Don,t forget to bring an umbrella, raincoat, and jacket. The temperature here is very high. Here you can have a lot of fun because it is a very attractive place that no one wants to miss.

  • Attractions: Covered with snow in winter, this place offers a very beautiful view.
  • Things to do: Horse riding, Chairlift, Amusement park for children, Restaurents, Hotels, and Shops.
  • Chairlift Ticket: For adults Rs 350 and for children ( up to 10 year ) Rs 220.

5. Patriata ( New Murree )

top places to visit in Murree

Patriata is also known as the new Murree and one of the top places to visit in Murree with friends and family. This place is very famous for tourism and hundreds of people come here every day. The place is full of tourists in both cold and hot seasons.

It is a beautiful place in Murree due to its chairlift and cable car. First, you will sit in the chairlift then in the cable car. This cable car takes you to the highest level of the place which takes you through the dense and lush green forest. Green trees on both sides make your trip more beautiful and you can see the clouds up close. The chair lift can seat 2 tourists and cable car can 8 seat tourists.

In winter, fog is visible during this journey. There is also a station guide map. There is a horse riding, family park, shopping area, restaurants, mosque, rescue, and hiking track facilities are available. The duration of this track is 1 and half hours and there are also huts where you can take a rest. You can also cover this track by horse riding. Due to all these facilities, this is a famous place for Murree to visit.

  • Attractions: The best view of lush green forest and fog from cable car is its attraction.
  • Things to do: Family park, Chairlift, Cable car, Horse riding, Restaurants, Hiking Track, and Shopping area.
  • Ticket: Ticket is Rs 850 in which you can enjoy both chairlift and cable car. Tickets are free for children up to 5 years old.
  • Timing:
    Monday to Sunday: 9:30 am to 5:00 pm.

6. PC Bhurban

top places to visit in Murree

If you are on a tour of Murree and are looking for a good and amazing restaurant then today we will tell you about one of the best restaurants which are also very famous in Murree. There are beautiful rooms with all the things you need. Extremely helpful staff and special care is taken for cleanliness. It is one of the top places to visit in Murree.

There is a buffet arrangement in the morning, evening, and night till 11 pm which includes all kinds of delicious food. In the morning buffet, there is a variety of breakfast and dinner buffets as great and more than a hundred kinds of food which are prepared under the supervision of an expert chief.

You will never be disappointed to come here. The accommodation, food, and beauty are unparalleled, which also has a swimming pool with both swimming and sunbathing facilities.

  • Attractions: Beautiful Pearl Continental Hotel with beautiful rooms and deliciuos buffets of this hotel are its attractio.
  • Things to do: Swimming, Residence, Jungal huts walk, delicious food, and extremely beautiful view throughout your balcony.
  • Entry Ticket for visitors: If you are a visitor and want to visit PC Bhurban you have to pay Rs 1000 in which you can enjoy buffet also.

7. Murree Wildlife Park

top places to visit in Murree

Murree Wildlife Park is actually a zoo built in 1986 which is spread over 240 acres, the park attracts the attention of locals.

This place is one of the top places to visit in Murree where you can come with your family and friends. There is a play area for children with swings. There is also a cafeteria and canteen for visitors to this famous place of Murree.

The park is also home to many animals including Siberian Tigers and Red Deer is the center of attention for tourists. The Greenery and cleanliness of this beautiful place of Murree attract a lot of people.

  • Attractions: Animals and greeenery.
  • Things to do: Play area for children, Cafeteria, and Canteen.
  • Entry Ticket: Entry ticket for one person is Rs 10.

8. Sangrela Natural Water Park

As the name suggests, the park is rich in natural beauty located at the Bostal Mor in Murree which is considered as one of the best places to visit in Murree.

Tourists come here in large numbers with friends and family. The beautiful natural greenery in the park offers an excellent view. The park also has beautiful natural waterfalls that offer breathtaking views and the water is clear crystal and cool.

The park has all the arrangements for a BBQ party for tourists. As you enter the park, the scenery gives you a sigh of relief.

The huts in the park are not so special but you will get tea and breakfast there. When you come, bring a lot of water and food with you. There are also some swings for children.

This place is a great picnic spot in Murree and people come here and feel quite relaxed. You too can visit this place with your friends and family.

  • Attractions: Beautiful lush greenery and natural waterfalls are its attractions.
  • Things to do: Swings, BBQ party, picnic with family and friends and many more things to do.

9. Karlan Waterfall

Kalan Waterfall is a beautiful place which is not considered as a tourist destination at present but if you are on a tour of Murree or Abbottabad then you must visit this place too.

To reach this Waterfall you must first come to Murree Road. After 4 km from Harnoi, Bandi Mira comes. Once reaching here you can find out the route to this place from any of the locals.

As you get closer to this place the scenery of nature will become more beautiful. The amazing greenery and the mountains on both sides offer a beautiful view. This place should also be considered one of the top places to visit in Murree.

The Waterfall rising from two mountains is an example of beauty. The small and large rocks on both sides and the clear crystals of water flowing on them are extremely beautiful. When you come here, bring with you shoes that do not get damaged in the water because you have to walk in the water constantly.

This Waterfall is not so deep so you can swim here. Greenery everywhere, water noise, and a beautiful Waterfall will definitely be imprinted in your mind.

  • Attractions: The waterflowing between two mountains small and big rocks and clean crystal water offers a very beautiful landscape and it is the center of attention.
  • Things to do: You can do photoshot here and BBQ party.

10. Pindi Point

top places to visit in Murree

Pindi point is a hilly area with beautiful, high mountains, and the beautiful greenery around it adds to its beauty. you can come here with family and friends.

It is one of the top places to visit in Murree. There is a chairlift arrangement in the beautiful place of Murree which will make your visit more memorable.

This chairlift goes down 1.5 km and you can see the beautiful scenery of nature very closely. There is also a coffee shop and children’s playground where the chairlift stops. There is also a beautiful and dense forest where you can do tracking.

  • Attractions: Beautiful hills view and lush greenery are its attraction.
  • Things to do: Chairlift, Horse riding, Tracking, Play land for children, Coffee shop, and many more things to do.

11. PIA Park Murree

PIA, The most famous and very beautiful park is located at Kashmir Point in Murree. The park was built by former Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef on December 25, 2011.

The park is beautifully constructed and well maintained. Tourists visiting Murree must visit this charming park as it is considered one of the best places to visit in Murree. The colorful and beautiful flowers in the park and the lush greenery attract tourists.

The park is built at a height that offers beautiful views of Murree and the high mountains of Kashmir. The various animal sculptures in the park impress the children.

You will not find anything to eat in this park, so bring water and food with you. Tourists come here in large numbers with friends and family and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

There are also some swings for children in the park and a Safari train runs in which the children enjoy taking rides. There are benches everywhere in this beautiful park and you will enjoy the beautiful and quiet environment.

  • Attractions: Beautiful high mountains view are its attractions.
  • Things to do: Swings, Safari train, and you can create leisure opportunities.