10 best Parks In Peshawar | Family Parks In Peshawar

Pakistan’s charming city Peshawar offers a variety of tourists attractions and lots of things to do in Peshawar, as well as many more leisure opportunities for tourists. If you are worried or can’t decide which parks in Peshawar to keep on your wishlist for a picnic with friends and family. So, don’t worry we will tell you about the best parks in Peshawar with the accurate and best information. So dear tourists, you have to decide which place is more suitable to go to. So let’s get started.

Tatara Park

best places to visit in peshawar

If you are feeling slightly adventurous so, Tatara Park is a very beautiful and big park. If you are looking for the best places to visit in Peshawar so, this park is worth it with an artificial lake and lush greenery.

You can come here with family and friends. Wanna have with children and friends? So here is one of the beautiful places in Peshawar. The park also has Cafeteria and swings for children. The park also has a flower show in Spring. The perfect park for picnics and weekends with family.

  • Things to do:
    Boating, swings for children, outdoor air mini gym for adults, best jogging/walking track.
  • Attractions:
    Man made lake, greenery and trees are its attractions.
  • Entry ticket:
    Entry ticket is Rs.10 per person.
  • Timing:
    Monday to Sunday: 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm.
  • Location:
    Tatara Park is located at phase 1 Hayatabad, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtun Khwa, Pakistan.

Peshawar Zoo

best places to visit in peshawar

Construction of Peshawar Zoo began in 2016 and was officially opened to the public on February 13, 2018. Spread over an area of 29 acres, this Zoo is one of the best places to visit in Peshawar.

The Peshawar zoo has brought animals from different places. Along with the Zoo, it is an excellent park.

You can have a great time with your family in Peshawar Zoo, one of the beautiful places in Peshawar. The park also has swings for children for sure your children will enjoy a lot.

  • Timing: Sunday to Monday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.
  • Location: Peshawar Zoo is located at Palosi Rd, Qadri Abad, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtun Khwa, Pakistan.

Shahi Bagh

parks in peshawar

Shahi Bagh is the most famous and old garden in Peshawar which is also known as Shalimar Bagh. It is one of the best places to visit in Peshawar where many tourists come to see and enjoy.

On October 19, 1936, Quaid-e-Azam addressed the people of Peshawar at this place. There is also a beautiful plaque commemorating the famous historical words of Quaid-e-Azam which he said to the people of Peshawar.

This garden is very beautiful and everyone who comes here enjoys it very much. The lush greenery of the Shahi Bagh and the beautiful scenery add to its beauty. There is also a playland where children enjoy playing football, cricket, and many other games.

If you love photography you will also find also photographers here who will do your photo shoot at a very reasonable price. You must come here with family and friends and enjoy the ambiance here.

  • Attractions: The lush greenery and beautiful trees are its attraction.
  • Things to do: You can spend time with your family and children can play many games in the garden.


parks in peshawar

Bagh-e-Naraan was built in Hayatabad in 1970 which is still the center of attention of the people there. The garden is one of the largest parks in Peshawar, located right next to Tatara Park.

This park is one of the best places to visit in Peshawar. This park is more beautiful than other parks in Peshawar. The park also has a beautiful zoo area with a variety of animals for the children to enjoy.

The beautiful trees and flowers of the parks add to their beauty. The people of Peshawar love this park a lot and keep visiting this place for sightseeing and entertainment. The park offers a nice family environment to enjoy.

If you come with a family you will also find swings for children here which are absolutely free. Great place for jogging and morning walk so you can come here in the morning.

  • Attractions: Lush greenery and trees are its attraction.
  • Things to do: Swings and play area for children.

Khalid Bin Waleed Park

parks in peshawar

Khalid Bin Waleed park is a more than two and a half hundred years old park located in Peshawar. The four-and-a-half acres park is still in its original state and attracts a large number of tourists.

The name of the park has been changed from Company Bagh to Khalid Bin Waleed park. It is one of the best family parks in Peshawarwith many ancient and giant trees.

There are some swings in the park for the children and there are many birdcages which the children really enjoy watching.

The greenery and the cleanliness of the park are the focus of this park. You will also find shops here and you can bring food and drink from outside if you wish. Locals, as well as tourists from far and wide, visit this park.

People also come here for morning walks and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere. Come to this park with family and friends and enjoy the best opportunities for fun.

  • Attractions: Giant and old trees, greenery, and cages of birds are its attractions.
  • Things to do: Swings, shops, jogging track, and children play games.

Shalman Park

parks in peshawar

Shalman park is located in Phase 6 Hayatabad in Peshawar. This park provides you with facilities to keep yourself fit in a beautiful environment.

The park is very famous among the nearby people. This park is perfect for every age group and tourists come in large numbers here. Tourists flock to this park in the morning and evening and exercise.

There is also a gym area, jogging track, and running track in this park. There is also a canal in this park and the tracks nearby increase its beauty.

This park is decorated with beautiful and colorful flowers that make this park more beautiful and give tourists freshness. The park is one of the best parks in Peshawar, where tourists come and have a lot of fun.

There are benches everywhere in this park and there are some swings for children which give entertainment opportunities. People also come here for a picnic and enjoy the calm ambiance here.

  • Attractions: Colorful flowers and the small river are its attractions.
  • Things to do: Picnic, exercise, jogging track, gym area, and some swings for children.

Chacha Younus Park

parks in peshawar

Chacha Younus Park is one of the best family parks in Peshawar. This park is very famous among children and adults both. Locals or tourists from far and wide visit this famous park for leisure.

There are many excellent swings in this park and the children enjoy them here a lot. The park has a great ambiance for tourists and special care is taken for the cleanliness.

There are many other entertainment opportunities for children in this family park. In this park, you can only come with family otherwise not. There is also a food corner area in this park where tourists sit and eat food.

There are also lots of food stalls in this park. At the night, the lights on the swings add to its beauty. You must take your kids to this beautiful family park and let them enjoy the best leisure opportunities here.

  • Attractions: Swings and lights on them at night are its attractions.
  • Things to do: Swings, Food area, and many different stalls.

Ghani Bagh

Ghani Bagh is a very beautiful park in Peshawar which is located in Hayatabad Phase 2. This beautiful park is also considered as one of the best parks in Peshawar.

Tourists come here for relaxation with family and friends. There are no rides and food outlets in the park, but the beautiful greenery and tranquil surroundings are the centers of attention.

The park has excellent walking tracks and the grass arch in front offers a beautiful view. The beautiful and colorful flowers in the park look very attractive.

You must come to this beautiful park for a picnic and outing and enjoy the calm and beautiful atmosphere here. Tourists create their own recreational opportunities in this park and have a lot of fun.

  • Attractions: Lush greenery and colorful flowers are its attractions.
  • Things to do: You can create leisure opportunities and have a lot of fun.

Khyber Park

parks in peshawar

Khyber park is a park in Peshawar, which is only for women. Women come with their friends and children to this park. Despite women’s park, it is counted as the best park in Peshawar.

There are many beautiful old and giant trees which look so attractive. In this park, there are also 2 artificial ponds in which there are fish and tourists catch fish and have a lot of fun.

Women mostly come here in the morning to do exercise. The park also has a walking track and gym area. There is also a playland area for children and the children enjoy coming here. Women visit this beautiful park daily with their children and friends and have a lot of fun.

  • Attractions: Artificial ponds and gym area are its attractions.
  • Things to do: Exercise, walk, playland area, gym area, and you can create leisure opportunities for fun.

Garrison park

parks in peshawar

Garrison Park is one of the best amusement parks in Peshawar and is worth visiting all seasons. This place is also known as army stadium Peshawar as it is under the control of the army.

In this park, a map of Pakistan has been made on the ground in which famous places of each province have been clarified. An attractive park has been designed very beautifully for people’s facilities and entertainment.

There are many different swings for kids and adults including supercar, estrogen, joint wheel, flying carpet, monorail, jumping castle, motion ride, and many more. The park is famous for its dangerous swings.

The beautiful park also has a canteen for dining and an open-air gym for exercise. This park is considered to be one of the best places to visit in Peshawar.

Its 40 to 45-minute jogging track gives an idea of the size of the park. Come with your family on Saturday and Friday because men are not allowed in the park without their family on this day.

Lights on the swings at night make the view of the park attractive. The people of Peshawar do not forget to add this magical place to their list of places to visit.

  • Attractions: Lush greenery, Map on the ground, and different swings are its attractions.
  • Things to do: Swings, open air gym area, walking track, and jogging track.

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