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There must be places of recreation in any city because the resident of the city and the tourist who come there find the best opportunities for recreation.

Parks plays the most important role in the best places for recreation. There are many beautiful parks in Multan. Each with its own identity, as some parks are known for their greenery, some for swings, and some for zoos.

If you are visiting Multan or looking for the best parks in Multan for family entertainment we will tell you about each of the best parks. Here is an overview of some of the best parks in Multan.

City Theme Park Multan

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This park has been built inside the city housing scheme of Multan under the name of City Theme Park. This park is much better than the rest of the parks in Multan.

This park has been built recently. It is one of the best family parks in Multan which is getting more and more attention. Lots of people come here every day for leisure.

Special care is taken for cleanliness in this park and you will know the beauty of this park only by visiting there. If you are with children then there is a Zoo area in this famous park of Multan, which will not let them get bored. There is a train in which adults and children can sit and go round the whole park.

In its Zoo area, you will find Monkeys, Birds, Foxes, Zebras, Lions, Snakes, Ducks, and many more animals that are rarely seen in any other parks in Multan. You must come with your family and tourist should visit this park once.

  • Attractions: Artificial waterfall and lush Greenland are its attraction.
  • Things to do: Zoo area, train tour, play area, and you can plan your picnic trip here.
  • Location: City theme park Multan is located at City Housing, Multan, Punjab.

360 Zoo DHA Multan

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We have selected for you the best parks in Multan as well as the best Zoo in Multan which will surely make your heart attracted to this.

This 15-acre park is fast becoming a tourist attraction. The only zoo in the DHA City Multan has a variety of animals, birds, and reptiles, the most prominent of which are gray wolf, blue cow, and the llama. If you are a student or interested in animals then you will be told the details of each animal here.

You can definitely come to this new and beautiful zoo in Multan for fun with your children. 360 zoo is among the best places to visit in Multan.

In this famous park of Multan, there is also a restaurant called 360 restaurants where you can eat on the first and second floor, where you can see the reptiles on the ground floor.

  • Attractions: Unique and big cages of animals, ponds, and 360 restaurants are its attractions.
  • Things to do: You can take information about animals, lunch at restaurants, and hut to take.
  • Location: 360 zoo park is located at Jinnah gate, Bosan Rd, DHA Multan, Multan, Punjab.

Chaman Zar -e- Askari Park Multan

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This park is one of the best amusement parks in Multan which is also considered as the famous park of Multan spread over a large.

People enjoy coming here with their family and friends because there are amazing swings for children in this park. One of the parks in Multan, this park attracts tourists. The park is very popular among the people of Multan as children and adults alike enjoy coming here.

You can also do camel riding and horse riding in this park. There is also a lake in the park which has a beautiful view of floating ducks and fish. In this lake, people do boating and there are various rides. The park also has food stalls where you can buy anything to satisfy your hunger.

  • Attractions: Lake, Night view, and dangerous swings are its attraction.
  • Things to do: Swings, boating, horse riding,camel riding, and play area for children.
  • Location: Chaman zar -e- askari park is loacted at Sher Shah Road, Multan Cantonment, Multan, Punjab.

Chenab Kinara Park

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Chenab Kinara Park is the park in Multan, near there is the river which is the center of attention among the people. Hundreds of tourists visit here daily.

There are swings and playland areas for children, which is why children especially want to come here. The park is beautifully decorated.

As you enter the park you will see a beautiful fountain which looks very attractive at night because of the lighting. In this famous park in Multan, you can do camel riding and horse riding on the riverside. There are also boats on the river and you can take a boat ride.

One of the parks in Multan, this park is famous for its beauty. In this park, people dance and also have a BBQ party. There is also a food area in this park. You must visit here with your family and friends. I am sure you will not disappoint while visiting here.

  • Attraction: River and lighting fountain are its attractions.
  • Things to do: Swings, playland areas, boating, horse riding, and camel riding.
  • Location: Chenab Kinara Park is located at Muzaffargarh, Multan, Punjab.

City Park Multan

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City Park is a new park in Multan which is beautifully constructed. This famous park in Multan is very crowded on special days.

The park has many swings and a zoo area for children. There are separate swings for children and for adults. Here you can have fun with friends and family members. If you feel hungry on a picnic, so there are food stalls in the park where you can eat anything you like.

There is a beautiful waterfall in this park which sets this place apart from the rest of the parks in Multan and the flowing water of this waterfall attracts people. The water flowing from this waterfall joins a lake and people also do boating here. People take pictures with this beautiful background.

  • Attractions: The beautiful waterfall and lake view are its attractions.
  • Things to do: Swings, Zoo area, Horse riding, and boating.
  • Location: City Park Multan is located at Multan Rd, Shershah Town, Multan, Punjab.

Shah Shams Park

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This park is an ancient and beautiful park of Multan named after a famous Sufi saint Shah Shams Tabrez. Spread over a large area, this park is the famous park of Multan where people come for leisure.

People living nearby come here every day for a walk. The beautiful and serene ambiance attracts tourists. One of the great things that people have done together in this park is that there are free yoga sessions, which include young and old.

You must come here for fun with your family and friends as there are many swings for children and adults. Like all other parks in Multan, this park has a huge green ground area where children play and enjoy.

The park also has a variety of flowers and a dolphin-style fountain that adds to its beauty. Visit the parks in Multan on weekends and you will definitely feel at ease.

  • Attractions: Dolphin-style fountain, lush green calm, ambiance and beautiful night view are its attractions.
  • Things to do: Swings, play area, and free yoga session.
  • Location: Shah Shams Park is locate at Eidgah Road, Shamsabad Colony Basti Bawa Safra, Multan, Punjab.

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