Top 9 Best Places To Visit In Multan For Tourist

Multan is a city in the province of Pakistan that has historical significance. Multan is the seventh-largest city in Pakistan.

The city of Multan is a major tourist attraction as it has many historical sites. There are so many best places to visit in Multan. Here are some of the tourist attractions in Multan.

1. Qasim Bagh Fort

best places to visit in multan

Qasim Bagh Fort one of the Multan famous places, was built about 2600 years ago on a high mound in the middle of the city on the banks of the river Chenab to repel the invaders. In Fact, this fort was destroyed many times by the enemies but this fort was rebuilt again and again.

In addition, the four gates of this fort are very famous and this place is still one of the best places to visit in Multan. Domestic and foreign tourists want to visit this fort. Especially, this is a great place for students and history buffs. From the top of the fort, a beautiful view of Multan city can be seen.

  • Things to do: Along with the name of this fort is a beautiful and large park for visitors.
  • Location: Qasim Bagh Fort is located at Qilla Kohna Qasim Bagh Road, Multan, Pakistan.

2. Tomb of Shah Rukne Alam

best places to visit in multan

This tomb was built by Riyasat-Uddin-Tughluq between 1320-1324. Actually, this tomb in Multan is famous for its ancient history. The tomb in Multan is very beautiful and big.

For this reason, this place is one of the best places to visit in Multan and thousands of tourists come here every year. Here you can go with your family and friends. It is also counted as the best place to see in Multan.

  • Things to do: There are beautiful gardens for tourists around the tomb.
  • Attractions: People used to get attached to its construction.
  • Location: The tomb of Shah Rukne Alam is located at Qilla Kohna Qasim Rd, Multan, Pakistan

3. Cathedral Of St. Mary the Virgin Church Multan

best places to visit in multan

If you are looking for beautiful and famous places to see in Multan, then St Mary Cathedral Church is considered as one of the Multan famous places of all. This church is seventy years old. The church was built for worship by the British Army before the independence of Pakistan.

There is a very beautiful minaret on its premises and there is a weathervane on its minaret. The work of this weathervane determines the direction of the wind. The church’s weathervane works exactly the same way today.

Its windows are decorated with colorful religious paintings and its beautiful arch doors add to its beauty. The Christmas festivities are very popular here. Among the churches of Multan, it is known for its beauty, cleanliness, and construction. You must come with your family and friends to see the beauty of this place.

  • Attractions: Religiuos paintings on its windows and its arch doors are its attraction.
  • Things to do: Christmis celebration and sitting area in front of church.
  • Location: St Mary Cathedral Multan is loacted at Qasim Road, High Court Staff Colony, Multan, Punjab

4. Chenab Park Multan

best places to visit in multan

Chenab park is a famous park of Multan. This park is built near the Chenab river. The park is designed to provide visitors with a safe and good picnic spot. Here are some of the best things to do even there are many facilities for visitors.

Actually, there is nothing special about eating here. When you come on a picnic, you should bring something to eat from outside. Similarly, there are also some shopping stalls. Furthermore, this place is one of the best places to visit in Multan, and this place is also a tourist attraction and a lot of people come here for tourism.

  • Things to do: Fishing, boating, camel riding, and swings.
  • Attractions: Greenery and fountains of this park is its attraction.
  • Location: Chenab park is located at Muzaffargarh Rd, Chenab west bank, Doaba, Multan, Punjab, Pakistan.

5. Tomb of Bahauddin Zakariya

best places to visit in multan

The Tomb of Bahauddin Zakariya is one of the famous places in Multan. This mausoleum is a 13th-century mausoleum located in Multan.

This mausoleum attracts many domestic and foreign tourists and is considered one of the best places to visit in Multan. Especially, there is also a well outside this mausoleum which is closed with grills and the history of this well is written there.

  • Things to do: There are some stalls of things you can buy.
  • Attractions: There are thousands of pigeon in the mausoleum looks more attractive.
  • Location: The tomb of Bahauddin Zakariya is located at Prahladpuri temple, Qilla Kohna Qasim Bagh Rd, Multan, Punjab, Pakistan.

6. Jinnah Park Multan

best places to visit in multan

Jinnah park is the best and one of the largest parks in Multan. This place is also one of the best places to visit in Multan and is very popular among the people.

In Fact, the number of tourists coming here is very high. You can go with your family and friends and it is a great park to have fun. Especially, the park also has a water park section and swimming pools for children and adults. Jinnah park is called the Multan famous park.

  • Things to do: There are swings for kids and youngsters, Bullfighter, mini train, horror house, thrilling swings, slides, and many more amazing things to do.
  • Attractions: This park’s entrance is attractive.
  • Timing: Sunday to Saturday: 6:30 am to 11:00 pm.
  • Location: Jinnah park is located at Shah Rukne Alam Colony, Shah Rukne Alam Housing scheme, Multan, Punjab, Pakistan.

7. Tomb of Shah Gardez

The city of Multan is also known for its Sufis and Saints. Among the great Saints, Hazrat Shah Yusuf Gardez also created awareness among the people through his Islamic teachings.

Hazrat Shah Yusuf Gardez was born in 1058 and died in 1136. The shrine was built 14 years after his death and the current building has undergone construction several times.

Glasswork has been done on the inner walls of the shrine. Most of the blue and white tiles are used in these shrines. On the arrival of the famous warrior Sher Shah Suri, he also built a mosque with a shrine between 1639 and 1655. It reflects culture and civilization. This mosque and shrine are considered one of the best places to visit in Multan.

Location: The tomb of Shah Yusuf Gardez is located at Alang Bohar Gate, Inner city, Multan, Punjab, Pakistan.

8. Multan Arts Council

Multan Arts Council was established in 1975. This building has been made very interesting which makes it one of the best places to visit in Multan.

This Arts Council has a beautiful hall, art gallery, stage, and a garden which everyone praises. Due to the stage drama and cultural program, people come to see it with great enthusiasm.

At this place, people take their time with their family, friend, and especially the elderly who are interested in Sufi songs. This art gallery contains photographs of cultural, historic, and the tombs of Sufi saints.

Students also take fashion designing classes at this art council and many students come here from far and wide for their projects and information. If you have come to Multan and there is a drama or cultural festival at the Art Council then you must visit this one of the best places to see in Multan because I am sure you will enjoy coming here.

  • Things to do: Stage drama, cultural festival, Sufi songs functions, history, and especially information for students.
  • Location: Multan Arts Council is located at Art Council Park Rd, Al Rahim Colony, Multan, Punjab.

9. Shahi Eid Gah Mosque

This Eid Gah was built in Multan during the reign of Emperor Muhammad Shah, whose history is still very famous today.

This great mosque was built by Nawab Abdul Samad khan in 1735 who was the governor of Multan during the Mughal period. It is the largest Eid Gah in Multan which is visited by tourists from far and wide.

This mosque has beautiful domes and doors which attract tourists. The gate inside the mosque is still in its original condition and the mosque is being beautifully rebuilt from the inside.

The biggest Friday prayers in Multan are also offered at this place. This Eid Gah is considered to be one of the best places to visit in Multan. The map of this Mosque is beautifully designed.

  • Attractions: Beautiful domes and doors are its attractions.
  • Things to do: Here you can offer the biggest Jumma and eid prayers of Multan.
  • Location: Shahi Eid Gah Mosque is located at Khanewal Rd, Usmanabad Colony, Multan, Punjab.


1. What is Multan famous for?

Multan is famous for its shrines. There are a lot of beautiful shrines of saints. If you want to visit the shrines of Multan we have already written details of Multan and its famous places.

2. Is Multan worth visiting?

Multan is worth visiting because it is the city of saints. It is a favorite place for tourists. Who wants to experience culture, tradition, and history will find all the things in one place.

3. What can we buy from Multan?

Multan is famous for its sweet also called Multani sweet ( Multani Halwa ). People order this sweet especially from the people going to Multan. This sweet is popular among the people of Pakistan.

4. Is Multan a good city?

Multan is called the city of saints. Inhabitants of Multan are called Multanis. People here are so humble and welcome.

5. How many shrines in Multan?

There are hundreds of shrines of saints in Multan but the most famous are Shah Gardez and Shah Rukn-e- Alam. If you want to know more visit our posts about Multan.

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